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One solution for your growing company

Clarity is a joined up software solution which thousands of users rely on every day to manage all company processes.

It gives you one database for contacts, quotes / estimates through to final payment. You eliminate duplication, improve efficiency and save time, so you can concentrate on making more money from the assets you have.

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Integrated Website Selling

Sell online easily

Clarity WebShop is powerful, automated and easy to manage.

Gain full control of your WebShop products from within the same interface you use for daily tasks. Managing prices for different shops is easy from one location, with up to date stock shown online. Orders from your online shop drop into Clarity, triggering the sales order process and enabling you to sell in your sleep.

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Fast quoting & estimating

Clarity's quoting and estimating software drives you to sell more at top margin.

Quoting fast wins orders over your competitor. Quote for any job of any size. Bespoke quotes are easily built from standard products or a make-up of time and materials. Create revisions and repeat jobs with a few clicks using historic or latest pricing. Email PDFs to your customers whilst they're on the phone.

Thousands of users raise millions of quotes every year with Clarity. 

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Fast quoting & estimating
Easy order processing

Easy order processing

A streamlined order process makes life easier, more organised and less stressful.

Works orders in Clarity Professional are your secure transition from order confirmation to manufacture. Create them with a single click. Trace your jobs back to the original quote with a unique quote revision reference.

Works orders ensure jobs are delivered to the exact customer requirements with Clarity, so you win their next order. Again and again.

Make life easier with a streamlined order process

Simple stock management

No over-stocking. No over-buying. No over-looked stock.

Clever stock management sees costly errors, wastage and stock holding reduce. With Clarity, pre-allocation of stock to jobs ensures materials are always available to fulfil orders. This drives ‘just-in-time’ purchasing for jobs, optimised stock levels and aged stock use. Including optimised use of sheet and roll materials, Clarity ensures you cash stays in your bank, not on your shelves.

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Simple stock management
Clear production scheduling

Clear production scheduling

Timely customer fulfilment is essential for success.

Every component of every job is easily scheduled, taking into account the capacity and next available run time of resources.

Clarity tracks your job through all operations giving you the confidence to focus on getting the next job in and out. Traffic light indicators tell you the live status of each process.

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Real-time Proof of Delivery (POD)

Clarity Proof of Delivery is the ultimate mobile tool for managing your deliveries, fittings, installations and onsite jobs.

Proof of Delivery from the field guarantees undisputed payment for jobs by providing photo and signature evidence on your invoices.

Gain visibility of your finished site jobs from the office, as they happen.

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Real-time Proof of Delivery (POD)
Connect with Sage or QuickBooks for accounting

Connect with Sage or QuickBooks for accounting

In Clarity, create partial or full invoices and manage repeat invoices with our unique 'recurring' invoices feature. Manage repeat invoices and create batch recurring invoices using simple processes.

It's a breeze.

Best of all Clarity integrates with Sage and QuickBooks software, saving hours in duplication of data entry.

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Holistic business information drives better decision making, increasing growth and profitability.

Access to over 200 standard and unlimited customised reports from all across your company gives you the visibility - the clarity - that you've been dreaming of.

Use your new found power to expand into new markets. Bring Clarity to your business.

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