Clarity Lite Edition

Grow without the headaches!

Enjoy structured multi-user working

Clarity Lite Edition is an affordable, scaled down MIS software solution that helps small businesses take the next step in their growth plan.

If you're looking to automate your business processes, improve your efficiency and be more influential in the market, then this is for you.

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Structured multi-user working
Communicate properly in business

Take a giant leap forward

Now you can communicate properly in your business.

Clarity Lite Edition takes care of contact management, estimating, quoting and pricing needs, producing consistent professional documents to help you win more business.

Create centralised processing and structure in your company as you integrate any number of users into your MIS system.

Look professional. Share the workload. And win more orders.




It saves you time and money

You are lean and super-efficient with Clarity Lite Edition.

Reduce hours of administrative time each week as you pick from electronic price lists to raise and repeat quotes. Link your system with Sage to process invoices. Print and email quotes, orders and more with pre-designed company templates.

Everything you do streamlines your costs, making you more efficient and increasingly profitable.

See the difference Clarity Lite Edition can make to your business.


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Save time and money