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Originally built as an all-in-one solution specifically for the sign and print industry, Clarity allows business owners to step away from day-to-day administration and focus on the bigger picture. Generate accurate quotes, reduce wastage, manage your production schedule and keep an eye on your overall costs and profit at a glance.

  • Incredibly accurate quotes that anyone can do
  • Reduce wastage on every job
  • Compare estimated costs with actual costs
  • Entire customer database in a central system
  • Streamlined production scheduling

Don’t just estimate. Exact-imate.

Clarity can generate incredibly accurate quotes that take wastage, ink consumption, machine speed and shop floor overheads into account. It will even show you how to lay out a job to reduce wastage and will calculate the exact cost of unavoidable wastage to the penny. So even inexperienced estimators can create accurate quotes – no matter how bespoke the job is.

Compare estimates with actual costs and profit

See exactly where your expenditure is going – and where you’re generating profit. You can also track the return on investment of all your sales and marketing activities. With this knowledge you can pinpoint improvement opportunities right across your business and generate more profit from every job.


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“Clarity has completely transformed our business”

It was the most complete, all-in-one solution I found – and it’s so easy to use. It took no time at all to train all staff and go live.

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“The combined return on investment is huge”

Clarity was by far the best option and gave us the chance to centralise our processes from marketing through to Sage 50 accounts integration.

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