Users: 12 Live Date: Apr 14 Industry: Digital Print

The Business

Oasis Graphic Co. has been transforming spaces since 1987. Exhibitions and conferences, retail spaces, office environments, and outdoor events, they’ve done it all. Oasis has the resources and experience to offer unrivalled support throughout every project – large or small and will always go the extra mile for their clients. Their team is passionate, reliable and dedicated and the quality of their finished products reflects that.

The Issue

Andy Delpech, Operations Director at Oasis Graphic Co. was looking for a system that would help them centralise information about their costs and help them to see clearly how much a project costs to make.

Andy also was looking for a system that was easy to use, had popularity in the industry and came with a pledge of constant development to meet future demands of the business.

"Overall it was the functionality that won me over."

- Andy Delpech, Oasis Graphic Co.

The Solution

Andy said “Having spent a couple of years looking over the competition, Clarity was the one that stood out. It’s helped with many aspects of the business – the streamlining of purchasing, providing more information to our production team and allowing them to better plan the production schedule.”

Andy also expressed “The Calc Wizards have been excellent. They have all the attributes of our old bespoke system and many more. The sales module has been great for keeping track of clients, the workload of our project managers and profitability”