Clarity Proof of Delivery

Deliver excellence. And get paid faster.

Clarity Proof of Delivery joins the outside world and your office together. It directly connects you to your site jobs.

Because you guarantee satisfaction and payment for jobs by obtaining proof of delivery on your mobile device. And adding photo and signature evidence on your invoices.

Save hours in manual administration by going paperless. Accelerate your cash flow by eliminating the waiting period for documents to arrive back at the office.

Work smarter. And stun your customers with exceptional service.


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Track onsite work

Track onsite work in real time

Clarity POD keeps you up to speed with all site progress.

Your field staff Start, Stop, Hold and Complete their tasks on jobs for precise timesheet measurements, syncing the info back to your Clarity Professional MIS in the office.

Clarity POD shows you time and expenses spent on site in real time, tracking more information against the job and improving true cost analysis.

Remove the doubt. And see maximum margin on your jobs.

Attach images to jobs from your mobile device

With the Clarity POD app you can take images of the work done from your mobile and sync it via 4G/3G or Wifi back to the office. That's it. No moving or duplicating of files and best of all, they will be back in the office before you are.

There’s no doubting your quality. You know for sure that your customer service is exceptional, because the evidence is there to prove it.


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Attach images to jobs from your mobile
Get live job sign off

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