In a world where the first thing most of us do in the morning is check our emails and social media channels you’d be crazy to think that ‘Snail Mail’ has a place in your marketing mix, right? Surely the way to go is digital?

Is direct mail dead?

Well, according to statistics from The Radicati Group, 205 Billion email messages were sent every day in 2015; that’s 2.4 Million every second. The average office worker received 121 emails per day!

That’s a lot of noise and with average open rates of between 13% and 28% depending on what sector you’re in, what’s the chance of your message being seen?

Don’t get me wrong, email and social media are essential to a well-balanced mix of content you need to get out to your audience, BUT…

…if you’re not doing Direct Mail Campaigns you’re missing a HUGE trick.

A well-produced lumpy bit of mail delivered through the post is one of the most valuable and effective pieces of marketing you can do.

According to Asendia, 82% of Direct Mail is opened and it really isn’t difficult to believe.

I love getting post. I received a Big Box just the other day from a marketing company. I suppose it was the size of an average shoe box but nice and sturdy. No fancy wrapping, just the box. I was intrigued.

Do you think I threw it in the bin or opened it?

A man wrapping a medium-sized box in brown paaper

Inside the Big Box was a little box and a note. Genius! I was hooked! Inside the little box was a calculator and the note told me if I used them I could work out the Return On Investment on the calculator. Cute and I’ve still got the calculator on my desk. The big mistake unfortunately was that the calculator wasn’t personalised with their logo, so I don’t have the name of their company on my desk 24/7!

You get the point and of course you don’t have to go to the extent of trying to be outrageous at the outset…

just do some Direct Mail

It’ll cut through the clutter and get you noticed.

Man holding some brightly coloured postcards

Here are a couple of Clarity Tips for a successful DM Campaign:

-Send it in a coloured envelope so it gets noticed

-Put something in the envelope to make it lumpy. People always open an envelope with something in it. Maybe something personalised like a company pen or coaster, or something quirky to do with the mailing like a personalised sample

-Maybe use a postal tube or jiffy envelope so it stands out

-Add a special offer voucher

-Don’t expect a massive return on day one

-Follow up

-Remember it’s part of a bigger marketing mix

-The best way to test DM is on your existing customers

So, Direct Mail is very much Alive and Kicking – you should do it and your customers should be doing it too.