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What is Clarity?

Every system you need, all rolled up in one: lead management software, sales and marketing software, stock management software, quoting and invoicing software, a proof of delivery system - and more

Think of Clarity Software as the most over-achieving, multi-tasking team of employees you’ve ever met. They can recall information about your potential and existing customers at the drop of a hat. They can estimate jobs that take into account every step of the process. They can sort out all your scheduling problems before they’ve even happened. They know exactly where to find stock in your warehouse and how much is left. And they can tell you precisely how profitable every job has been since they arrived.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

    Throw away that address book, diary and drawer of business cards

    The more you know about your prospects and customers, the more effective your communications with them will be. Hold your entire customer database in one place, plan calls and meetings and record the outcome – all in Clarity.

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  • Wizard hat

    Estimates and quotes

    Say goodbye to guesswork and ‘back of a cigarette packet’ maths

    Clarity uses advanced calculation wizards developed specifically for the print, sign, digital and packaging industry to create highly accurate quotes. You can respond to requests quicker than ever before and trust more people in your business to quote jobs.

    See more about Clarity’s estimates and quotes
  • Speedometer

    Invoices and reporting

    Super-quick invoices – with critical data fed back into the system

    Since your quote and delivery note have already been created by Clarity, it takes just one click to generate the corresponding invoice. If you also have the production management module, Clarity will even ‘know’ if part of the job is still in progress and create a partial invoice for the completed work.

    See more about automatic invoices and reporting
  • Megaphone

    Marketing and sales management

    Track sales performance and even measure marketing ROI

    As well as nurturing leads through Clarity’s CRM system, you can also easily analyse why you won or lost business. When you can trace profit back to specific sales people and marketing campaigns you can accurately reward high-performers and intelligently direct future marketing spend for maximum returns.

    See more about marketing and sales management
  • Calendar

    Production management

    Maximise capacity, improve workflow and take back control of your workroom

    Each part of a job can be scheduled automatically into your shop floor’s workflow by Clarity. So, you can rest assured your workshop is operating at maximum capacity and jobs are being correctly prioritised based on their allocated deadline (taken directly from the job’s quote).

    See more about production management
  • Building

    Goods and stock management

    Stay in control of your stock and be proud of your warehouse

    Clarity can create goods received notes, track the movement of stock and even generate picking lists directly from quotes. Just think of the time you’ll save by automating these jobs. Our Advanced Stock module will even allow you to nest jobs to specific rolls and keep track of how long you have until the end of a roll.

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  • Wallet

    Purchase orders

    Only order what you need, when you need it

    Clarity knows when stock is running low and can create requisitions. Or, if you’re in the market for a new supplier, you can send out multiple Requests for Quotes (RFQs) from Clarity and choose the best product at the best price.

    See more about Clarity’s purchase orders module
  • Deliveries


    Schedule and track deliveries – all through Clarity

    Book in deliveries, create delivery notes and keep track of the progress of all your deliveries from one central dashboard.

    See more about deliveries
  • Mobile app

    Proof of delivery app

    Capture a digital signature and on-site photos

    Capture proof of delivery signatures and take on-site photos within our handy app. Attach proof of delivery to each invoice and get paid faster.

    See more about our proof of delivery app
  • Binoculars

    Cost analysis

    Get a clear picture of your operating costs and profit

    Compare estimates with actual spend for each job – and see the associated profit or loss at a glance. You’ve never had a better view of your business, or more accurate quotes.

    See more about cost analysis
  • Printing rolls


    Maximise your material use and reduce wastage

    Print jobs that use the same materials, machines and labour at the same time and stop throwing potential profit in the wheelie bin out back.

    See more about nesting

“Turnover is up 46% thanks to Clarity”

Our business simply couldn’t survive without Clarity. Our sales conversion rate is up and our monthly financial forecasts are more accurate.

Data Image Group Ltd

“It’s given us much more control over the business”

The Calc Wizards have been excellent. They have all the attributes of our old bespoke system and many more.