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Right now, do you know how accurate your quotes are compared with actual job spend? With Clarity, it all becomes clear.

Clarity Software cost analysis module
  • Money

    Compare estimates with actual costs

    For each job you do – however big or small – you can see the amount you expected to charge, how much you expected to spend and the related estimated profit and margin. At a glance you can compare this with the amount you invoiced, the exact total of all costs and the actual profit and margin. So you’ll know if you over-estimated or under-estimated jobs and how much you lost or gained.

  • Highlighter

    Highlight opportunities to improve

    By accurately predicting all spend associated with a job, you can tweak your margins and look forward to higher profits. You can also locate any inefficiencies in your process and seize any opportunities to improve your productivity and quality.

“We’re moving faster and getting more sales”

The speed at which I can schedule my jobs and get the information to the shop floor is amazing.

Dufaylite Developments

“I always recommend Clarity to others”

Thanks to Clarity, we now have full visibility of our true costs – and all our business processes are streamlined.

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