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Customer relationship management (CRM)

Keep track of all your contacts in one place – and build great, lasting relationships

With Clarity you have instant access to a wealth of up-to-date information about your customers. Rather than searching through filing cabinets or locating the right Excel spreadsheet, simply find exactly the data you need in seconds.

Clarity Software CRM activities module
  • Headset

    Every interaction and sale at your fingertips

    Whatever you need to know about a customer – from the last time you spoke to them to the current status of their order – is stored in Clarity. Need to see how much they’ve spent in the last six months? No problem. What about how much of that was profit? Done.

    See how Clarity can automate your invoices
  • Target

    Target new leads or lapsed customers with highly tailored comms

    Your passion might be delivering world-class brand materials for your customers, but what about your own marketing? With the information stored in Clarity you can tailor your communications based on a potential customer’s specific industry, location and point in their customer journey.

  • Magnet

    See the impact of your marketing campaigns

    When you add a new customer to the system, you can record what attracted them to your company. Was it your stand at an exhibition, a direct mail campaign, or that day you got Gary to stand on the corner dressed as a gorilla? When it comes to planning marketing spend, this data is gold.

    See how to track your marketing ROI with Clarity

“We’re moving faster and getting more sales”

The speed at which I can schedule my jobs and get the information to the shop floor is amazing.

Dufaylite Developments

“I always recommend Clarity to others”

Thanks to Clarity, we now have full visibility of our true costs – and all our business processes are streamlined.

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