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Improve your customer service, get paid faster and save hours in paper-based admin. Clarity’s delivery module brings your consignment process into the 21st Century with digital scheduling and records.

  • Enjoy an entirely paperless process

    With delivery notes generated automatically from your quotes (or partial quotes) and proof of delivery signatures taken through a mobile app, you can achieve complete digital traceability of a job’s history. It’s also easy to track time and expenses spent on-site, improving the true cost analysis of every job.

  • Speed up the rate of payment

    When you raise an invoice, you can quickly and easily attach the digital proof of delivery signature and the photos taken on site. So rather than waiting for documents to arrive back in the office, you can shoot off an invoice as soon as work is delivered – and get paid quicker.

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“I always recommend Clarity to others”

Thanks to Clarity, we now have full visibility of our true costs – and all our business processes are streamlined.

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“It’s given us much more control over the business”

The Calc Wizards have been excellent. They have all the attributes of our old bespoke system and many more.