With Clarity, as soon as you receive an enquiry you can quickly estimate the whole job from start to finish, factoring in every stage of the process and all associated costs. And by pre-defining your margins within the system, you can guarantee profits every time.

  • Make complex calculations a doddle

    We’ve developed two terribly clever ways to create accurate estimates. You can either choose materials and labour from price lists customised for your business, or use an advanced calc wizard which can even take machine speed, wastage and workshop overheads into consideration.

  • Calendar

    Automatically schedule production – and track progress

    With Clarity’s optional production module, a job can be added to your workflow the second a quote is confirmed. So if a job requires a certain machine for example, Clarity will find the next available slot and ‘book in’ the job. Then, simply by clicking a quote, relevant staff can see which parts of the job have been started and finished.

    See more on production management
  • e=mc2 on board

    Boost your brand with professional documents

    Sending professional-looking documents to customers does wonders for your brand. With Clarity, your quote (and invoice) template is generated automatically, ensuring consistency every time.

    You can even save any regular product orders as templates for even quicker estimates, empowering more staff to take care of straight-forward quotes.

    See more on production management
  • Strategy

    Make continuous improvements to your offering

    We know running a business isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – sometimes a prospect will go elsewhere. With the sales module, included as standard, you can record why a quote has been rejected, collate this data over time and make any necessary tweaks to your process, pricing or product.

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“It’s given us much more control over the business”

The Calc Wizards have been excellent. They have all the attributes of our old bespoke system and many more.

Andy Delpech June 8, 2017

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“We increased profit – even during the recession”

Since implementing the system we’ve been able to increase profit by analysing our margins and costing jobs accurately.

Brett Bailey Signbox June 8, 2017