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Through Clarity you can analyse a huge amount of data in order to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing and sales activities. Review your quoting history and closure rates, the reasons behind wins and losses, your star sales performers, most effective campaigns and your biggest-selling products – all within personalised dashboards and easily understood reports.

  • See the return on investment of your marketing and sales activities

    Because Clarity tracks the full customer journey, from initial touchpoint right through to invoicing, you can see the value achieved by each separate marketing campaign and individual sales staff. So you can intelligently redirect marketing spend, reward high-performers and invest in targeted training.

  • Generate visual reports of your performance

    Perhaps you’d like a pie chart of a year’s sales to one company, broken down into product types? No problem. Or perhaps a bar chart comparing the sales performance of each sales person? Done. Simply filter the information you need and generate highly customisable and accessible reports.

  • Analyse your wins and losses

    Thanks to the information captured within Clarity, you’ll be able to understand the reasons behind your sales – and your missed opportunities. So you can keep doing the things that work and improve on strategies that have missed the mark.

“It’s given us much more control over the business”

The Calc Wizards have been excellent. They have all the attributes of our old bespoke system and many more.

“We increased profit – even during the recession”

Since implementing the system we’ve been able to increase profit by analysing our margins and costing jobs accurately.