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As soon as a customer quote is confirmed, Clarity can automatically schedule every single part of the job into your workflow. Just let that sink in for a second. Clarity will ‘know’ exactly what labour, materials and machinery is required and add the job into the calendar within the required time scale. Your production manager can then keep track of what everyone’s working on at any given time with a Gantt chart.

  • Take advantage of your full shop-floor capacity

    Extra bottom-line profit is there for the taking, without any additional overheads. How? By intelligent, automatic job scheduling. If there’s a machine sitting idle for a couple of hours next Wednesday afternoon, Clarity will know about it and schedule a job for it to do. Magic.

  • Full visibility of your production workflow – in real time

    Your production staff can use Clarity to create job cards, timesheets and log actual time spent on jobs – simply by tapping ‘go’, ‘pause’ and ‘stop’ on a tablet or workstation PC. This data is then fed through Clarity and compared against the original estimate. This exceptional level of business intelligence helps increase the accuracy of quotes, empowers staff with more responsibility and makes performance management easy than ever.

  • Keep your customers in the loop with accurate progress updates

    The secret to excellent customer service is regular communication and transparency. So for your account managers, Clarity’s production management is a dream come true. Simply by clicking on a quote, they can see how long each part of the job is expected to take, which parts of the job have been started and which have been completed. So your customers can be kept well up to date with the progress of their order.

“I always recommend Clarity to others”

Thanks to Clarity, we now have full visibility of our true costs – and all our business processes are streamlined.

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“Our quoting productivity is up by 50%”

With Clarity I have the confidence that our quoting is accurate. Consequently, we’ve been able to increase our margins.

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