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With the Clarity purchase order module you can be confident that you have just the right level of stock to deliver jobs on time, using the best products at the right price. What’s more, you’ll have your entire order history at your fingertips.

  • Optimise your stock levels by only ordering when you need to

    Clarity can keep one eye on your stock levels and another eye on your customer requests – then automatically generate a requisition if required stock is running low. You can use this requisition to create your purchase order.

  • Get the best price and fastest delivery time for your products

    Using Clarity, you can release multiple Requests for Quotes (RFQ) via email to your suppliers. Then, by comparing suppliers you’ll have the negotiating power to get the best value for your purchases.

  • Allocate stock to jobs before it’s even arrived

    When you raise a purchase order you can allocate the incoming stock to a specific job – or multiple jobs – so your workflow will intuitively know when jobs can be scheduled and you won’t be held up. Start jobs quicker, reduce customer waiting time and look forward to repeat business.

“We increased profit – even during the recession”

Since implementing the system we’ve been able to increase profit by analysing our margins and costing jobs accurately.


“Our quoting productivity is up by 50%”

With Clarity I have the confidence that our quoting is accurate. Consequently, we’ve been able to increase our margins.

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