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Since 2001, we’ve been transforming the way the sign, print and digital industry quotes, estimates, and produces products, with 4,500 people using our software every single week.

During the last two decades, we’ve continually added, refined and improved what we offer you, ensuring that you’re able to access software that will have a dramatic impact on your business.

Here’s what Clarity software can offer your business:

  • crm

    A CRM System

    Luxury accommodation for your customer data

    Let’s bust the jargon. CRM? “Customer Relationship Management”. Clarity will allow you to hold your entire prospect and customer database in one place, allowing you to understand a whole lot more about the people you’re communicating with.

    Whatever details you need to know about a contact, you’ll find them in your Clarity CRM, and as your relationship with that prospect progresses, you can update their contact record, send them more information and tailor your communication.

    Say goodbye to sifting through an Excel spreadsheet to find someone’s details, only to wonder whether one of your sales team has already called them this week. Simply log into Clarity, and you’ll access their details, their communication history, what they like to buy, when they like to buy it and a whole lot more.

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  • marketing

    Marketing Campaign Management

    Generate leads, nurture prospects and make sales

    Most business owners understand that they need to do more marketing, but the reality is that it never gets to the top of the ‘to do’ list. The trouble is, with the print, sign and display business becoming ever more competitive, it’s never been more important to get your business out there and acquire leads. It needs to be at the top of the list, not the bottom.

    Thankfully, with Clarity, this doesn’t need to be an arduous task. Our software allows you to schedule and automate your marketing, ensuring that your prospects and customers get the right communication at the right time.

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  • sales

    Sales Management

    Stay on top of your sales pipeline

    We’ll just say it straight: sales staff are not always the most organised (we know, we’ve got our own sales team!), and it can be difficult to get visibility on how things are going when it comes to sales performance. But with Clarity, you don’t need to worry – our software allows you manage your sales team without needing to micro manage.

    Simply set our sales management software up and soon you’ll be able to see won and lost opportunities and general sales activity, filtered by specific salesperson, allowing you to reward your high performers and develop those who aren’t doing as well as they need to be.

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  • quotes-and-jobs

    Quote Creation & Delivery

    Quick, accurate quotations with just a few clicks

    Gone is the hassle of creating a quote in Word and sending it over via email.  With Clarity, you can send over an accurate quotation in a professional looking template in a matter of seconds, giving you more time to spend on more important things.

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  • estimating

    Easy Estimation

    Calculate cost with zero hassle

    We talk to a lot of business owners in the sign, print and display industry and a big group of them have one big thing in common: they hate the estimating process.

    Either it’s in an archaic spreadsheet, or 327 different pieces of paper meaning that it takes an age to get an estimate together or it’s in the business owner’s head, which means that she (or he) can’t trust anyone else to do the estimating right, and consequently can’t have a day out of the office, go on holiday or even take the afternoon off.

    Clarity fixes that problem. Our software means that anyone within your team can provide a professional and accurate estimate in just a few minutes of receiving the enquiry, with just a few taps of the keyboard.

    Our expertise in the sign, print and display industry means that we’ve been able to develop highly advanced calculator wizards that take into account time, product type, materials and man hours, leaving you with a clean, correct estimate. No mental arithmetic, ‘fag packet’ maths or desktop calculators in sight.

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  • invoices

    Automatic Invoicing

    Remove hassle from sending the bill

    Not only does Clarity provide automatic invoicing after your product has been estimated and produced, but it also synchronises seamlessly with two of the best accounting software packages on the market, Sage and Quick Books, meaning that you won’t need to duplicate the invoice for multiple platforms.

    Right now, thousands of business owners in the sign, print and display industry are wasting valuable time manually creating and sending out invoices, and then recreating those invoices for their accounting software. Not with Clarity.

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  • reports

    World Class Reporting

    Get a truthful, accurate idea of where your business is at.

    Do you ever wish you could get a clearer picture of the shape your business is actually in? With stock coming in, goods going out, invoices outstanding and purchase orders to be paid, it can be really difficult to know how well business is going.

    With Clarity, that difficulty evaporates. We give you the option of over 200 standard reports and an unlimited number of bespoke reports that’ll give you the clarity you need to make the important decisions in your business.

    Clarity reporting helps you keep costs under control, reduce the risks you expose your business to, maximise your profit and minimise the stress that comes when you don’t have a clear picture of how things are going.

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  • purchase-orders

    Automated Purchase Orders

    Only order what you need, when you need it

    Raising a purchase order with one of your suppliers is the kind of task that shouldn’t take any time at all, but ends up being the bane of your day. Not only can you end up going back and forth with the supplier, but you’ve got to create and send the whole thing manually, often duplicating it for your multiple systems.

    Clarity solves that problem, removing the time and stress associated with raising purchase orders. It’s all done with just a few clicks, leaving you to get on with the higher-level tasks within your business.

    In addition, Clarity can manage your stock level for you, meaning that you can always have the right level of stock for your order book, without worrying that you’re running out, or stressing because you’re holding too much stock.

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  • production

    Production Scheduling

    Manage capacity, improve workflow and take back control of your workroom

    Clarity isn’t just good for liaising with customers and suppliers, it also works in house too, helping you to manage your team, ensure that you’ve got enough capacity for the work you’re taking on and make certain you’ve got the tools, materials and machinery required to complete the job.

    Getting crystal clear clarity on your workroom allows you to understand what your true capacity is, maximise your resource in that area and ensure that you’re making as much profit as possible.

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  • deliveries

    Schedule Delivery

    Get your product delivered and signed for, without lifting a finger

    Not only does Clarity deal with lead generation, prospect nurture, sales, quoting, estimating, invoicing and production, it also helps you deliver your product too.  Once the product’s been created you can automatically schedule a delivery, and get it signed for too.

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As you can see, there’s a long list of what Clarity can do to transform your sign, print and digital industry business. And to be perfectly honest, there’s more where that came from.

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