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Clarity’s Quoting and Estimating maximises profit, by helping you to sell more at top margin. Clear your quoting bottlenecks and increase your quote capacity by 100% or more with no extra staff, with fast, accurate quoting powered by Clarity’s powerful costing
calculator and quoting automation. Win the orders you’ve been missing out on and turn away those that cost you money.

Many of the businesses owners we talk to are a bit fed up with having to do most of the estimating because the prices are in an archaic spreadsheet or in their head! They simply don’t trust anyone else to price jobs. Imagine the mess you’d get into if the price was wrong!

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons that businesses ask us for a Demo. Our customers have peace of mind that with Clarity anyone can quote a customer in a professional manner, 100% accurately within minutes of receiving an enquiry.

You can relax, the price is always right and margins are high! In Clarity anyone can manage prices easily from one central place.

Key Features

Fast quoting in a few clicks

  • Define costs and sales prices from the start
  • Import price lists from Excel spreadsheets
  • Set costs, markups and price breaks
  • Create margin thresholds
  • Manage and view multiple quote revisions
  • Repeat quotes in seconds
  • Quickly create PDFs of quotes to email directly to customers

Advanced industry-specific cost calculators

  • Automatic calculation of selling price
  • Tweak markups and discounts
  • Quote for large format digital, built-up letter, fascia panels, POS, vinyl lettering, cut jobs and lots more with precision
  • Cost the entire job, not just one process
  • Factor in costs from artwork design, ink usage, cutting, laminating, finishing, labour and more
  • Automatic waste cost calculation allows you to add it to the final price to cover any losses

Generate internal works orders on confirmation of your quote

  • Monitor your supplies
  • Check for stock availability
  • Select the best suppliers to use for each job

What Does This Mean for You?

Save time and get organised

  • Generate quotes in a few clicks, no matter the job
  • Quickly create revisions to quotes or view previous versions

Minimise risk and maximise profit

  • Never sell below your minimum margin with auto-calculation of selling price and the ability to tweak markups
  • Avoid losses due to inaccurate quoting, taking on non-profitable jobs or waste costs
  • View accounts information to identify good and bad payers, so you decide who to do business with

Share the Load

  • Centralised electronic price lists give you the confidence to share estimating across your team, safe in the knowledge that they will produce consistent, accurate quotes

Why Clarity Software dominates the Sign, Digital and Print market

Clarity’s Unique Calc Wizards

Clarity Software have developed advanced cost calculators for the sign, print and display industry.

You can quote for large format digital, built-up letter, fascia panels, POS, vinyl lettering, cut jobs and lots more with total accuracy and precision.

You can cost the entire job, not just one process. Throw down the pen and paper and use our simple box-ticking interface to factor in costs from your artwork design, ink usage, cutting, laminating, finishing, labour, leasing, finance and more.

As you build your quote see your waste cost appear before your very eyes and add it to the final price to cover any losses. Regular products can be saved as templates for easy accurate quoting allowing lesser trained staff to quote precisely.

Changing the quantity or size recalculates the cost curve giving you total accuracy by optimising material waste.

Every job can be different. So we’ve made producing bespoke estimates a pleasure with Clarity. And this sets you apart from the competition, as you relish taking on jobs that others shy away from as they worry about potential losses due to inaccurate quoting.

Clarity keeps track of job related documents such as artwork stored on your centralised servers so that everyone follows the same process using one system.

Take Control

With all of this at your fingertips, you’re in control of your quoting and estimating

processes. You can choose the best jobs to take on and the best people to do business with, avoiding potential losses.

Clarity Quoting & Estimating gives you confidence in your estimates, leaving you safe in the knowledge that every job maximises your profit.