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Imagine the view of your storage areas. No overflowing racks. No old or overlooked stock. It’s picture perfect and it’s achievable with Clarity Stock Management. The Clarity Goods module sees your errors, wastage and stock holding reduce. Your warehouse is a picture of efficiency. Your warehouse team are firmly in control and know exactly where everything is. They’re happier and safer.

Check stock in fast and fire up the production team

Receiving goods into stock is a quick and easy with Clarity, whether they arrive from suppliers or are made for stock internally.

Choose which facility, zone, rack or bin to store them in. Label them up with stickers printed from Clarity and see your items resolve Bills of Materials instantly. Trigger the picking process to get underway, selecting from purchase requisitions or the jobs themselves, and quickly move pre-allocated stock to the shop floor.

Fast, simple picking

You are able to view your pick list on screen or print a copy on demand.

You can reduce search times by picking for multiple jobs at once. Clarity manages your stock movements so you know when an item is picked and which work centre, facility or site location it’s been moved to.

Advanced Stock

Clarity Advanced Stock gives you the ability to split rolls so wastage is minimised and gives you visibility for accurate Cost Analysis.

No need to unravel rolls to check what you’ve got it’s there on the system allowing you to quote quickly and accurately.

Key Features

Real-time stock visibility and management

  • Adjust and track stock levels in real time
  • Book stock in quickly and easily
  • Easy selection of stock storage locations
  • Remove faulty or unusable items from stock
  • Easy visibility of your stock value
  • Easily reissue stock items to different storage locations or customer sites
  • Add new stock items to jobs on demand and transfer them immediately
  • Stock is automatically added to the Bill of Materials

Quick and easy picking

  • Trigger the picking process, selecting from purchase requisitions or the jobs themselves
  • Quickly move pre-allocated stock to shop floor
  • See when an item’s picked, where it’s moved to and transfer or check out items instantly
  • Pick items for multiple jobs at once

Intelligent roll management

  • See exactly how much roll length you’ve got
  • Jobs are intelligently nested to rolls, using cut-offs and partial rolls to save money and increase efficiency

Efficient job management

  • Jobs are automatically produced in the most efficient sequence possible
  • Write off your ends and scraps to account for wastage

What Does This Mean For you?

Save Time, Money and Resources with Efficient Stock Management

  • Track stock movements, so no more hunting around for stock items
  • Get an instant view of your stock levels from your office, meaning you can quote for jobs with complete confidence
  • Working with full history, visibility and traceability of your stock makes your operations stress free
  • Automated roll management means no more time spent unravelling rolls to measure them and no more stock damage caused from unravelling
  • Keep cash in the bank, not on the shelves. Avoid surplus stock and stock shortfalls

Safety First

  • No more lingering stock and finished items getting in the way and causing a hazard
  • Get a safe and tidy warehouse with a home for everything

Take Control

With all of this at your fingertips, you and your production team are in control of all of your stock management processes.

Clarity Stock Management full visibility of your stock levels, locations, movements, capacity and value at a glance.

Get confidence in your quoting and your ability to complete jobs efficiently, on time and with maximum profit.