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The number of businesses that we talk to who don’t do a lot of marketing is frightening. In our market place the size of businesses vary but the simple fact is that they all pretty much rely on their existing customers and ‘word of mouth’ marketing – other than the odd bit of advertising and networking at a push!

Well, we know how to help you get more customers and with Clarity Marketing, you’ll be able to automate many activities to win more customers and sales.

Generate leads and hit unprecedented sales levels

Using Clarity Marketing will boost your sales and communications by orchestrating clever and cost effective campaigns.

A campaign is simply a number of activities or actions to engage and nurture prospects to get them over the line and spending money with you.

Clarity will tag and track lead sources at both contact and quotation level, giving you traceability on how much you’ve spent, how many quotes have been generated and which leads have converted into confirmed orders.

The Sales Funnel

If you think of it in terms of a big funnel, the marketing function will help you fill the funnel with lots of leads and then nurture them through the funnel until eventually sales start to drip and eventually flow out of the bottom.

Every step of the funnel is tracked and monitored so you can start to accurately predict the amount of new sales you’ll get from the amount of leads that get fed in to the funnel.

It’s a must for business owners who want to know the numbers and will help you run a scalable business.