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Clarity Production enables you to manage your capacity and ensure you have the correct tools, machines and labour processes to make the job and account for every eventuality, including mistakes. This will allow you to schedule your work with live information, manage capacity and give you full control in your production department. There’s also a great calendar view for each department (work centre).

Have confidence that your finished products are always high quality, delivered to time and giving you top margin, with Clarity’s production and shop floor features. With Clarity you have the knowledge to answer any question about any job  at any time.

Auto-scheduling and job prioritisation means that you get the most out of  your available time, maximising your output with no additional overheads. Workstation and tablet access give your team everything they need at their fingertips.

Key Features

Manage your schedule and production processes, with job automation and priority scheduling

  • See and track production processes
  • See schedule details, gaps and potential conflicts
  • Automatically schedule and reschedule jobs
  • See details of every job, including job cost, what there is to be done and completed items
  • Auto-creation of a Bill of Labour and Bill of Materials
  • At a glance traffic light job statuses, at high level and down to job operation level
  • See and plan your machine capacity

Clear visibility of your order book

  • Detailed and high-level data views
  • Customisable views of data to cut how you like
  • Gannt views of order book operations

Accurate estimating

  • Estimates draw on proven time and materials costs
  • View actual materials and time logging

Ease of access across your workforce using tablets or workstations across your shop floor

What does this mean for you?

More Efficiency and Higher Output

  • Intelligent scheduling and rescheduling allows efficient use of time and resources
  • Detailed data helps you to spot issues, minimise risk and confidently manage jobs
  • Spot scheduling gaps and fill them with new jobs, giving you more bottom line profit without additional overheads

Combine up-to-date information from your team in one place

  • More reporting and knowledge as the team add notes against operations on-the-go
  • Visibility across the team of who is doing – and who has done – what

Solid estimating means top quality. Right first time jobs

  • Job quoting gets easier every time, as estimates are based on proven time and material costs

Take Control

With Clarity’s production and shop floor software there are no surprises. Your management processes are simplified for you, giving you a new level of efficiency.

This lets you exceed your customer’s expectations by delivering top quality every time at maximum profit.

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