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Raising purchase orders for your suppliers is simple in Clarity Software as it automates your entire purchasing process. 

The purchase order system gives you the confidence to know you can deliver jobs on time, using the best products at the right price. It improves your bottom line, increases your confidence and provides traceability on your jobs.

Purchase Orders helps you to be sharper and more dynamic with your ordering, driving higher margins, reducing lead times and making sure you order at the best price. With Purchase Orders you spend only when you need to. It helps you keep a perfect level of stock for your order book, putting you firmly in control.

Key Features

Perfect stock control

  • Minimum order quantities prompt you to order as needed
  • Goods can be purchased directly for jobs
  • Use stock in hand or allocate to a job
  • Purchase Requisitions driven by optimised stock levels and customer demand
  • Automatic update of availability across your jobs and resolution of the BoM
  • Process all goods at once, reducing delivery costs

Supplier management

  • Release multiple Requests for Quote (RFQ) via email to your suppliers.
  • Get the best price, the best product and the fastest delivery time for the job
  • Compare supplier prices

Job Management

  • Part-receive or part-allocate items to avoid job delays
  • Purchase Order documents linked to the job

Quick, easy admin

  • Search for jobs and reorder them
  • Repeatable processes for all jobs
  • Your entire order history at your fingertips
  • Super-efficient filing structure

What Does It Mean For You?

Keep your cash in the bank, not on the shelves

  • Keep a close eye on your stock, making sure you keep the exact right level for your order book.

Get the best deal for the job

  • Comparing supplier choices gives you the negotiating power to get the best value for your purchases and optimise job margins
  • Start jobs quicker, reduce customer waiting time and improve your quality

Never forget to order

  • Purchase Requisitions are driven by optimised stock levels and customer demand, meaning no more delayed jobs due to missed order deadlines or dry stock levels.

Get jobs out of the door quicker and see more profit by optimising your buying and stock processes

Take Control

With all of this at your fingertips, you’re in control of your stock and ordering decisions.

Clarity Purchase Orders gives you confidence in your ability to meet orders on time, with the best products at the best price.